Arts & Community – Fall 2012

The Fitton Center for Creative Arts and the Michael J. Colligan History Project are partnering for a series of discussions about the role of the arts in Hamilton’s past and future. All events are free and open to the public.

Culture, Politics, and the Creative Economy
Robert Lynch, President and CEO,
Americans for the Arts

Arts are inherently valuable and part of a solution to social problems, a nation’s secret weapon that helps advance communities by dealing with at-risk youth, jobs, economics, racial issues, and crime. Mr. Lynch will discuss the state of the arts, how and why arts are central to political and community dialogue, how this has developed, and funding and policy necessary to advance arts and arts education. One voice and one vote make a difference. This is a moment to advocate for the arts by learning where we are, have been, and can go with arts in America.

Wednesday, September 19
Fitton Center for Creative Arts
Mobilizing Arts Impact on Communities
Mary McCullough-Hudson, President and CEO,
ArtsWave, Cincinnati

In 2010 the 83-year-old Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts transformed its focus from arts financial needs to arts impact on community interests and priorities, and adopted a name, mission and funding framework to create a more vibrant economy and engaged community. Today the ArtsWave annual campaign is the largest in the country and a source of support for over 100 arts organizations. ArtsWave CEO Mary McCullough-Hudson, a native of Hamilton, will share the path of these changes and the organization’s vision and strategies.

Thursday, October 11
Fitton Center for Creative Arts

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