“Common Sources”, 2018-2019

John’s statement:

Currently, I am creating digital works using my own photographic images. I found a passion for photography late in my career.  My earlier work consisted of urban designs and photoshop stacks. I have studied all the works by Robert Rauschenberg and Aaron Siskind. Their own unique observations and photographic exploration inspired me to create my own brand of images and narratives. My work has grown out of the need to be more creative and technical. With the use of Photoshop Lightroom my images are cleaner and allow more flexibility for the finished stacked image. As with any Art form, I want to create a masterwork, or a master series someday.

Photography is such an amazing medium, because it is so instantaneous and the images are just the way I see them, and not as I imagine them.  Much like abstract painting, I reuse, layer and manipulate my photographs to create a new and unique interpretation of reality.

John Edward Blom is an American fine-Art photographer, painter and printmaker located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He first began painting in the 1970’s and has incorporated different mediums into his work over the years, including photography. He attended The Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, before going on to study at The University of Cincinnati. His work has been featured at numerous galleries around the world including The Phyllis Weston Gallery in Cincinnati, OH; The Cohen Gallery in Cincinnati, OH; The Circle Gallery in Baltimore, MD; Boston Biennial 5; The Center for Photographic Art in Carmel CA.; The Mohawk Gallery in Cincinnati, OH; The Pachie Gallery in South Africa, and the Soho Gallery in New York City.

More of John’s work can be seen at behance.net/johnblom_artist  and at instagram.com/jblom1951/

Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.






The Banks








The Wall




Landscape Lost




What Lies Beneath




Marsh Land




Arizona (The First 100 Years)




Kelly’s Garden

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