John’s statement and bio:

I see the world as an image from which I choose parts to create my photographs. For me, a wall begins as a canvas, a two-dimensional surface, a foundation on which to build an image. Each wall is like a found object, filled with the information I incorporate into my photographs.

The photographs I create are a result of how I think and how I react to what I see. They are about process and how I filter the visual information of the world around me.  In essence each photograph becomes its own content.

John Chakeres been a working artist for more than 40 years, with numinous exhibitions of his work. Four books of his photographs have been published; Traces: An Investigation in Reason, 1977, D’art Objects: A Collaboration,1979, Random New York: An Unscripted Walk, 2008, and First Fleet: NASA’s Space Shuttle Program 1981-1986, 2018.  His photographs can be found in many museum collections including the Museum of Modern Art, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Museum of Contemporary Photography, and the Southeast Museum of Photography. He has lectured and conducted photography workshop both in the United States and internationally. He has also taught photography and printmaking at Ohio University, Columbus College of Art and Design, and Columbus States Community College. He is represented by Catherine Couturier Gallery, in Houston, TX.

More of John’s work can be seen on his website:  johnchakeres.com

Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.  kentkrugh.com

San Jose #6 – 04.21.2019




Cupertino #4 – 04.28.2019




Cupertino #3 – 06.15.2019




La Paz #2 – 06.09.2019




Cupertino #6 – 04.28.2019




La Paz #4 – 02.10.2020




La Paz #3 – 02.10.2020

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