“Lisa Britton Retrospective: 1988-1999”

Lisa’s statement and bio:

What causes one to be truly amazed and delighted? For me it is light itself, and how it can reveal a vision of loveliness and meaning. In all of these images light reveals an idea, a dream, a landscape, a moment which felt sacred in some way.

I am interested in creating work that serves as balance, especially after a journey that I took to Japan in 1988 to study Japanese traditional art. At this point I came across a very important concept which then shaped my work over the next two decades. It is the Japanese word “Kami” meaning that gods live in nature, in rocks, streams, trees, and sometimes even in people. This led me to look for things in nature that exemplified this idea. I was able to pursue this goal as I traveled in San Francisco, Cincinnati, Barcelona, the south of France, Ireland, and Japan at length in the mid/late 90s. What was realized is that this kind of beauty and mystery in the world could be found absolutely everywhere, and it made me conscious of seeing the light and spirit of place in photography.

My academic experience includes the New England School of Photography, the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA), and the University of Cincinnati (MFA). I have taught university classes in Photographic Art at University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and Sinclair College.

More of Lisa’s work can be seen in a book available here:


Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.  kentkrugh.com

Calligraphy, (infrared film, gelatin silver print)




Tabi and Geta, (Tri-X film, gelatin silver print)




Markers, (infrared film, gelatin silver print)




Gaudi’s Dream, (infrared film, gelatin silver print)




Tree, (infrared film, gelatin silver print)




Grasses, (infrared film, gelatin silver print)




Looking Up, (infrared film, gelatin silver print)





Genesis, (infrared film, gelatin silver print)

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