“Saturday Night Rodeo”

Lloyd’ statement:

Pretty people and powerful animals provide a good start for many stories. Rodeo is an American activity, born from our colorful southwest and the circus. It is a sport with triumph and failures, beauty and pain. Rodeo is firmly entrenched as an American an institution and sport—there is a “Rodeo Hall of Fame.” And, without question, Cowboys and Cowgirls have an elevated cultural status. However, the Rodeo provides a level field of competition that ignores status, race or gender while endearing talent, skill and determination to achieve a champion status. Bad luck hurts and a supportive family helps.

Many Saturday nights, I trek over to our local arena at Fox Hollow in Waynesville Ohio. This is the home arena for several professional World Champions and top-rated bulls. Like Rodeos everywhere, it offers many opportunities. I’ve seen riders transition from novices to professional bull riding in less than a year. They had talent, but more importantly, the Rodeo community provides a warm environment of learning and encouragement. The participants often share their spirituality and optimism for successful new riders, and they have treated me with the same brotherhood.

I have incorporated the Rodeo Brotherhood Philosophy into my photography.  We always talk about the need to prepare and focus. However, the results are often based on issues that we cannot control. Successes are lauded and failures are consoled. We don’t regress on the past, but continue preparing and looking forward to the next opportunity.

Lloyd Greene is a fine art documentary photographer from Dayton Ohio. His work is based on developing picture stories in a portfolio form. He has completed portfolios of Guatemala’s Ixil Triangle, Dinners of Dayton and the Spirit of the Wright Brothers at Huffman Flying Field. He has two working projects: Portraits along the Ganges and the Saturday Night Rodeo project.  He has several more projects in development.

His website is www.greeneone.com/

Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.

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