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“Feld und Flur”

“Feld und Flur” can freely be translated into English as “Fields and Meadows” which was inspired by the German Romanticism of the late 18th century, of poets and writers like Heinrich Heine, Friedrich Hölderlin, Joseph von Eichendorff, E.T.A. Hoffmann and others.

My father often recited the poems of the era and talked about how men would travel from town to town to find their fortune. I have vivid memories of him showing me a picture of a young man wandering over fields with all his belongings bundled up and tied to the end of a stick, which he carried over his shoulder.

My photographs were created in the same spirit with me wandering from town to town through fields and meadows, images found as I ramble along looking for beauty and mystery, for dark spaces and clearings alike. The images in “Feld und Flur” were made between 1989 and 2011. They were taken in France, Switzerland and San Francisco.

Max Kellenberger lives in San Francisco and is a self-trained artist, working with a variety of techniques and processes, most recently photogravure and cyanotype. Born in a small town in Central Switzerland, Kellenberger’s work has been shown and published internationally including the exhibit of the Polaroid Collection in the Nikon Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland and a solo exhibition at the Galerie Kunsthäuschen in Herrliberg, Switzerland. He was a recipient of the 20×24 Camera Grant from Polaroid and the winner of the Golden Light Award from the Maine Photographic Workshop as well as a Professional Photographers Award from Santa Fe Workshops. His photographs are in numerous private collections, Graham Nash, Joaquim Paiva and major collections such as the Polaroid Collection.

Published as a photogravure, cased edition of 10 prints.

Max’s website is


Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.

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