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In Origins artist and photographer Sal Taylor Kydd explores the essence of childhood and how it relates to our sense of place. The work is also a reflection on time and how we become aware of change and transformation both within us and in the world around us. As the title suggests, Origins seeks to understand what defines our relationship with our past: What ties us to a place and connects us to what has come before?

In her photographic practice Sal uses antiquarian processes first developed in the 1800s. Photographing with her digital camera, she creates a physical negative that is printed in a contact frame which becomes a Salted paper print. The result gives her work a quality of nostalgia and timelessness.

“It is a contemplative and mindful undertaking,” Sal writes on her website. “In each of the steps, there is a tangible connection with nature and the natural elements brought into the print, which mirrors the content of the work.”

Originally from the UK,  Kydd lived all over the world before settling in Los Angeles. Her focus has been in Fine Art and editorial photography and she is also a writer and a book artist. Sal has most recently self published a book of poetry and photographs entitled Just When I Thought I Had You, and she has authored and created a number of hand-made artist books, notably Cadence and Late Love.

Origins is currently on exhibition at Gallery 169 in Santa Monica, CA from March 5th – May 14th.

Sal’s website is


Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.


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