“Memorabilia 3”

Sunjoo’s statement:

I started collecting wrapping papers during my travels around the world. I visited gift shops, and I was taken away by the wrapping papers’ vivid and playful statements. At first, I purchased them on a whim and in fleeting moments, but over time, I became more mindful of each unique sheet of paper.

I was observant of the various graphics, designs, colors and mixture of patterns. What did the combination of those elements mean in an artistic sense? Furthermore, I delved deeper into figure out a more fundamental question; what was the purpose and meaning behind wrapping papers? What does the act of wrapping mean in a societal, psychological, and cultural perspective? It is easy to equate wrapping papers with gift giving. The act of wrapping gifts can be understood as an act of love and respect for the recipient. But there’s more to uncover

The idea of wrapping can be applied to an entire spectrum of our lives. We cover our bodies with clothing and we build our identity by layering on different cultural tides and societal environments to create ourselves – a wholistic self, pieced together by a number of different influences. What’s most fascinating is that a cultural phenomenon emerges when uniquely wrapped individuals come together to form a community.

In my Memorabilia 3 series, I’ve been inspired to illustrate the complex and delicate nature of identity wrapping that takes place for young women in their twenties. It is a series that stems particularly from my personal life as a woman experiencing a culture with particular boundaries and limitations.

Sunjoo is a mixed media photographer based in Seoul, South Korea.  She graduated from Ewha Woman’s University in music and the photography academy in Chung-Ang University.  She has held solo exhibitions in places such as Space 291, Guha and Gallery Kong in Seoul. Reviews of her work have been published in the Photo Dot, Seoul Art Guild and Photo Art magazines and Sports Seoul newspaper. Her work has been reviewed by the renown Korean artist Ha KyeHoon.  She is a Gold award winner at San Francisco Bay International photo show 2018.  Currently her work is being shown at the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts in the exhibition Outspoken: Expanded.

Her website is http://www.sunjoolee.net/

Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.


























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