Geometrically Ordered Design:  The Eternal Virgin

By: Dustin Pike

This is my seventh article pertaining to the design field and its relationship with mathematics. Design in essence cannot be accomplished without specific degrees of control, and almost always has a definitive point to make. How well the ‘point’ can be made is attributed to how well the design was carried out. This cannot be said about  all art-forms. Art can be about anything or nothing at all, which makes art primary, and design secondary. In this respect design can be seen as separate from other art forms, because the designer has a precise goal. In order to understand any design language at its core, the viewer must understand visual acoustics on multiple levels. The level I have chosen to start with is numbers. I will show their relationships with each other through geometric and proportional means, and describe how numbers can be ‘seen’ and ‘produced’ through artistic expression. Design language cannot be truly understood without awareness of this knowledge. Not only is this the basis for every art form, but it is also the architecture of the natural world around and inside us.

Last month we were given our ‘chariot’ of transportation with the number 6 by creating a single star-tetrahedron, and we were left in utter stillness. Consciously speaking, it was the birth of our awareness of Self, yet without the gifts of recollection or projection which are the objects of this article and the next. The original universal star-tetrahedron is unmoving and changeless, but with the number 7 our star-tetrahedron has made of itself a twin and their interplay is inevitable.

The thirst of desire is brooding. A longing to have an experience has emerged, and we are at once plunged into the great sea of the color spectrum whose scope is sevenfold. As of yet, we are unable to comprehend and piece together this experience, which is given by the number 8, but at this point we don’t see this as a problem. It is as if the magician performed his trick, walked off stage quietly and we, being so utterly lost in the ecstasy that is mystery, forget to ask questions. Therein is a type of primal shock that has left the senses in a state of bewilderment. This is the spell of Venus. In fact one might find many references to this in Greek mythology and the paintings of Velázquez and Rubens (See the Mirrored Venus image). In more recent history we can see this symbology clearly being expressed by none other than Walt Disney in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Is it any coincidence that at the age of seven, Snow White becomes “the fairest of them all”? Early Walt Disney films in particular are often ripe with this kind of cosmic-design symbolism.

In terms of the mathematics that lie behind the seven, we have come to a stopping point in our journey. The term ‘Eternal Virgin’ referred to in the title of the article was aptly chosen for a reason. Seven is the number of process, which is to say that it cannot be seen directly. We can see this in many forms from our seven day week, the seven color rainbow, and the 7 candles of the Jewish menorah (See Menorah as Symbol of Creative Process image). It may be said that humans have only 5 senses, but this is discounting our awareness of Self (number 6), whose expressed nature is dual (number 7 & 8). This refers to contraction and expansion in nature. Walter Russell’s dissection of a light-wave frequency in space is possibly the clearest way to examine this phenomenon (See Light-wave Models of Walter Russell). This understanding doesn’t come without long hours of meditative contemplation and study, and even then the truth, as one perceives it, is found to be fused with metaphor.

In reality the number 7 and 8 are actually happening simultaneously, but for the sake of concise analysis there must be strict division. Our cubic star-tetrahedral body, given by the number 6, has actually lent two equal but opposite twins. The movement implied by the 7 can be imagined as the past intensive or passive element, whereas the movement of the 8 would imply a future intensive or active element. Each twin star-tetrahedron is spinning in an opposite direction relative to the stationary original. This counter-rotating movement creates a kind of torroidal vortex which is spiral in nature and has already been spoken of in the article on the number 5. Digging heavily into the physics of this mechanism isn’t necessary here, but what must be known is that every conscious entity is surrounded by this triple star-tetrahedral field known by the mystics of eld to be the ‘light-body’ (See Light-body image).

This number theory is as of now becoming quite complex, and there are few numbers left for inquiry. We will see in the next issue on the number 8 that the environment of the 7 beckons us to imitate and reflect its process as accurately as possible. Yet what exactly are to reflect? It seems that with the number 7 there was no single object, only an environment comprised of many single objects. In fact this division of differing objects is precisely what we will be given with the number 8, as we will provide ourselves the gift of dissection and scientific analysis.

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