On March 21, a crowd of loyal AEQAI staff and friends gathered at The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, and thanks to the generosity of Katie Brass, Carnegie Director, celebrated its third year of publication. Marking this achievement, AEQAI is launching an advertising campaign, and Hyde Park’s Miller Gallery, with its prominent local and national reputation for both traditional and contemporary art, has kicked it off.

From Left to Right: Maria Seda-Reeder; Karen Chambers; Jane Durrell; Vivian Klein; Daniel Brown; Paul Bernheimer; Ober-Rae Starr Livingstone; Maria Seda-Reeder; Phyllis Weston; Sarah Vance; Catherine and Emil Robinson; Meghan McNamara; David Kirley; Philip Long; Barbara Selnick; Benedict Leca; Margot Gotoff; Jack Sullivan; Jymi Bolden; Harry Gotoff; Connie Sullivan; Dustin Pike; Emily Casagrande; Karen Chambers; Marta Hewett; Mary Heider; Philip Long; and Marlene Steele. (Photographs by Cynthia Hoskin)

It was a proud moment for Daniel Brown, AEQAI’s President and Editor, as he thanked David Kirley, Publisher, Jane Durrell, Vice President and each of AEQAI’s writers by name. “In 2011, we had huge growth in readership,” he said. “We have been noticed, and articles have been republished by other newspapers and magazines, including The Huffington Post. Our content has grown to include not only critical reviews of shows, but also profiles of arts leaders, book reviews, calls for artists, coverage of graphic arts, and creative responses to museum works. Other topics are coming on line.”

To date the magazine has operated on a volunteer basis and now, with funds raised at the benefit, is finalizing its business structure. “It’s time for us all to get paid,” smiled Brown. “These people are the heart of the Magazine,” he added with a nod to the group.

To advertise in AEQAI, email Alton Frabetti , phone: 859-757-0940; or [email protected], phone: 513-490-9137.

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