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Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center



Deadline for Submissions: April 22, 2013

For details and to enter online visit:

9th Annual
An Exhibit of Small Works

Every year Manifest calls for little works of art from around the world.

Each exhibit brings in many powerful yet diminutive masterpieces for our jury to consider. Inevitably the exhibit is full of diverse, compelling, and exquisite little gems. Manifest’s patrons eagerly await the Magnitude SEVEN event each year. So we are always excited to offer this call to artists to submit works no larger than seven inches in any dimension (any proportion). Standard presentation devices like mats and frames that are not considered part of the work of art are not limited by the 7″ criteria.

Media: Open to any and all traditional and non-traditional genre and media. The only limiting factor is size. There is no other thematic guideline.

Catalog: Manifest will produce a full-color catalog documenting the work in Magnitude 7. Exhibitors will receive one free copy of the catalog. For examples of past catalogs visit the Manifest Press library.

Submission deadline for entry: April 22, 2013
For details on how to enter visit:

Manifest is a community-supported 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization.

Mission Statement:

Manifest stands for the quality presentation, experience, and documentation of the visual arts, engaging students, professionals, and the public from around the world through accessible world-class exhibits, studio programs, and publications.

Manifest’s 2012/2013 season is supported by the generosity of community contributions to the ArtsWave Campaign. It is also funded by the Johnson Foundation, The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, as well as many individual supporting members.


Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center
2727 Woodburn Avenue | Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 | 513-861-3638

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