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[ 6 opportunites included below ]

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DEADLINE: November 1, 2012
(solo gallery exhibition + cash award)

The Manifest Prize – ONE 3

$1000 cash award

An international competitive annual competition and exhibit featuring one prize-winning jury selected work.
Entries for The Manifest Prize are accepted on an ongoing basis for an annual deadline of November 1 each year.

With the principle of reduction in mind, we have determined to push the already rigorous jury process to the ultimate limit – from among many to select ONE single work to be exhibited in the Parallel Space at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati from December 14, 2012 through January 11, 2013. This work will be the recipient of the third annual MANIFEST PRIZE, a cash award and solo feature presentation in a gallery all to itself as the highlight of the process, an honor to the artist, and a poignant statement for gallery visitors.

Media: Open to any and all traditional and non-traditional visual arts genre and media, (including video, photography, sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, etc.). There is no size limit or minimum size requred, other than what is capable of being displayed in our gallery space. Small and large sized works will be considered equally.

Deadline for entry: November 1, 2012
For details on how to enter visit:

DEADLINE: November 5, 2012
(gallery exhibition)

Third Annual Exhibit of Works by Professors and their Students (past or present)

The relationship between art students and their professors can be a powerful one. Even when this bond is left unstated, we carry our professors’ voices forward in time as we mature as artists and people. We eventually realize that the instruction given by our teachers during our relatively brief careers as students continues to expand within us. We realize that the learning they inspired (or insisted upon) is a chain-reaction process that develops across our lifetime. All of us who have been students carry forward our professors’ legacy in one form or another. And those who are, or have been professors, bear witness to the potency of studenthood.

Out of respect for this student-teacher bond, and in honor of professors working hard to help their students tap into a higher mind relative to art and life, we offer TAPPED 3, an exhibit that will present works of art by current or former professor/student pairs in our Main Gallery and Drawing Room in Cincinnati.

We are eager to share the energy and legacy of academic pursuit with our audience. Our society can gain from a deeper appreciation of what is done by and between students and professors.

Eligibility: TAPPED is open to everyone. The only limitation is that entries must represent original works of art or design and each entrant must name one current or former professor or student as an exhibiting companion.

Media: Open to all traditional and non-traditional genre and media (including video, sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, etc.)

Deadline for entry: November 5, 2012
For details on how to enter visit:

DEADLINE: December 31, 2012
(publication + cash awards)

International Drawing Annual 8 (INDA)
Competitive Annual Publication of Works of Contemporary Drawing
and/or Writing about Drawing

$1000 in Cash Awards

Eligibility: The International Drawing Annual is open to any artist submitting original works of art created within the past three years (2010 – 2012). Professionals and students in ALL disciplines are encouraged to submit. Manifest is eager to receive works of drawing in a wide range of applications (technical, graphic, fine art, design, architectural, digital, illustration, etc.) with the qualification being that artwork submitted is representative of high quality “drawing.”

Media (artwork): Open to any media applicable to the practice of drawing including but by no means limited to traditional drawing media. Printmaking, digital/new media, photography, sculpture, painting, installation, etc., are all possibly valid.

Written entries can be in any form (poetic, historical, technical, philosophical) but should be directly relevant to the practice of drawing and must be original works with proper citation for quoted material. Length of written entries should be limited to a max. of approximately 1500 words. INDA entrants may choose to submit either artwork, writing or both.

Deadline for entry: December 31, 2012
For details on how to enter visit:

DEADLINE: April 9, 2013
(artist studio residency)

The Manifest Artist Residency (MAR) award

A year-long studio residency to support creative research.

The program is open for application by any serious emerging or established artist, including recent graduates from college art programs. The award will include 24/7 use of a 500 sq.ft. north lit two-room studio for one full year, exposure to Manifest’s visiting public during gallery events, free access to Manifest Drawing Center life-drawing sessions, and more. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis through April 9 of each year. Notifications occur in early to mid-May, and residencies commence by July 1.

Application process is now open.

Application deadline: April 9, 2013
For details on how to enter visit:

DEADLINE: June 1, 2013
Exhibition Proposals

SEASON 10 – 2013/2014
Solo, Group, and Concept Proposals

Manifest is eager to receive proposals of various types. And accepts these on an ongoing basis, reviewing them starting in early June in consideration for the upcoming season. No notifications are made until the final season schedule is decided (usually by the end of July).

Eligibility: Anyone can submit a proposal. Artists should bear in mind the need for a consistent and very strong body of work when submitting.

Media/Genre, etc: Open to all traditional and non-traditional genre and media. Manifest sets out to survey, locate, exhibit, and document excellent quality amongst all types of art. Our record of showing a broad mix speaks for itself. If it’s good, we want to see it, and if possible show it.

Deadline for proposal submissions: June 1, 2013
For details on how to submit visit:

Open Application


Manifest was founded in-part by students for students. The organization continues to be supported by the volunteer efforts of passionate students and non-students who participate in our internship/volunteer program. Our incredible track record of presenting over 100 exhibits including the works of over 1000 artists to the public for five hours a day, five days a week, since January 2005 has been accomplished largely due to these generous and committed individuals.

Manifest interns receive valuable hands-on experience and insight into the workings of an internationally respected non-profit champion of the visual arts. Many past interns have gone on to notable full-time positions at major art museums across the country, to reputable graduate programs, or to advanced roles running galleries for other non-profit institutions and universities, benefiting from their learning and association with Manifest.

For more information about Manifest’s internship program,visit:

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