Exhibit Dates: Manifest’s 9th Exhibition Season (Sept. 2012 – Aug. 2013)

Types of proposals

-Solo exhibits

-Two person exhibits

-Group shows

-Curatorial project (call for entries proposal by curator)

On average one-third of Manifest’s exhibits are dedicated to solo or proposed exhibits. Solo exhibitors have included local, regional, and national artists from as far away as New York City, San Francisco, and Hong
Kong. It is important that each of our seasons of free public exhibits consist of a balanced mix of solo and group thematic projects. The group shows provide diversity of approach, media, style, and geographic origin, while the solo exhibits provide a deeper insight into individual artists’ vision.

Well over 100 artists exhibit, and more than 3000 patrons visit the gallery each year. Thousands of artists submit works to thematic projects produced at the gallery. And our exhibits are routinely reviewed in regional and sometimes national news and art publications.

Manifest is eager to receive proposals of various types, including any genre or media, and accepts these on an ongoing basis, reviewing them starting in early June in consideration for the upcoming season. The
organization and gallery is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit with a mission to stand for quality in the visual arts.

All exhibit spaces are appropriately track-lit. The Main Gallery (the largest of the three) has street-facing windows nearly floor to ceiling providing excellent public exposure for the artwork 24/7. Exhibits are open
to the public five hours a day, five days a week for a total of four weeks on view.

Gallery assignments are decided by the curatorial staff when planning the season. Proposals may suggest a gallery, or indicate the need for a specific type of space. For example, our Parallel Space gallery can be made completely dark even during daytime and is outfitted with ceiling mounted HD projector. But exhibit size and location will be determined by the curatorial staff at the time of season planning.

Catalog: Manifest will produce a full-color catalog documenting the work selected for exhibit. Each exhibiting SOLO artist will receive five free copies of their catalog.

Manifest’s past exhibit catalogs:


Our first solo exhibit of the season, opening on September 28th in one of our three galleries, will be specifically dedicated to’photography or light-based work’ which could include straight forward digital or traditional photography, non-photo work that is specifically and overtly dependent upon the photographic process, mixed media incorporating photo-based materials, video, etc. This exhibit will be part of a suite of
four Manifest projects (including two other exhibits) which will be part of the city wide FotoFocus Biennial occurring through the month of October. This is a valuable spot in our exhibition schedule, and promises to
experience a very high volume of public traffic during the exhibition run.

Deadline to Apply: June 1

For details and submission visit:






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