The Cincinnati Art Museum features two wonderful groundbreaking exhibitions.

“Working Together: The Photographers of the Kamoinge Workshop” revisits the shared work and philosophy of the 14 original members,  whose exhibitions and publication platforms preserved their legacy and opened avenues for subsequent generations of Black Artists today.

Cynthia Kukla covers “David Driskell: Icons of Nature and History”, a colorful painter, printmaker, curator and educator, also from the 50’s and 60’s era.

Jonathan Kamholtz examines “MARK: Works Focused on Mark Making” in depth and discovers a unique exhibition concept on the roster at the Manifest Gallery featuring a great range of artistic interpretations.

Clare Morey describes her visit to the Carnegie Art Center, viewing “A Thought is a River” and Ekin Erkan takes us to the Shinn Gallery in NYC to review the “Amalgamated” Exhibition.

Our feature writer, Laura Hobson, updates the growth and continuing programs of the Kennedy Heights Art Center which is also featuring a multiple artist collage exhibition.

All Around Town:

March is designated Women’s Month 2022 and there are several venues paying tribute to the talents and creative expressions of regional women artists.

Eisele Gallery is featuring the new sculptures of Celene Hawkins paired with the colorful abstracts of Paula Wiggins: a delightful combination exhibited in their new location.

The Brush and Palette Painters are showing their new works at the Barn in Mariemont through March 27th and the 628 Art Gallery on Garfield Place presents “Upon Further Reflection: A celebration of Women Artists and Introspection” on view through May 20th.

–Marlene Steele

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