“And Further More…”
“Drink Milk”
“Two Gentlemen (and I mean no irony)”
“She Won’t Bite”
“Three Women, Waiting”
“Unknown Youth or Youth Unknown”


“The Other Side of Music Hall”

“As a symphony musician my time is spent in the opulent settings of a historic 19th century concert hall amidst “the remnants of a great city” as an urban renewal expert once said about the Other the Rhine area of Cincinnati. This dichotomy of haves and have-nots always resonated with me so I struck out to explore the neighborhood, camera in hand (a 1959 Rolleicord gifted to me by a well known fellow musician of the London Symphony Orchestra, Tom Martin, a few years back).”

Matthew Zory is the assistant principal bass of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the rhythm section bassist of the Cincinnati Pops. Before moving to Cincinnati in 1993, Matt served as principal bassist for the San Diego Symphony and Opera. As a long time NYC freelancer he played with the New York City Opera, Metropolitan Opera and served as guest principal bassist with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. This work “The Other Side of Music Hall”, was most recently shown at Wash Park Art Gallery, downtown Cincinnati. The composition for solo bass “The Window” by Ellen Ruth Harrison, inspired by one the photographs in the show, was premiered by Matt at the opening.

Matt‘s website is www.matthewzory.com


Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer living in Cincinnati.

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