Maxwell’s Poetry Corner

by Maxwell Redder

Carbon Vacuums

Diamonds & dead leaves:
carbon vacuums
venatically sucking off
the latter to slowly birth the former.

My fiancée’s finger
is banded: exploding rainbow
rays bounce and zoom
from three carbon births

trapped in gold & loyalty.
The latter Proverbs recommends
wearing like a necklace,
the former is found

in dirt & death:
carbon vacuums
each insisting that the other
is responsible for their existence.

Chimney Flue

A crumbled chimney firmly blocks
the searing winter breeze.  A bit of yesterdays
paper flapping between chunks of mortar & brick
waved goodbye.  Jumping, a young dove tilted
and timidly caught a gust; the little black girl
with neon beads twisted in her hair watched
from her drafty window and wished
she had that type of freedom.  Seeing the paper
stuck, she thought trusting the wind
may not always be best.  In the alley below,
A bohemian sonata rang from the throat
of the hopeless street performer whose face
was painted like an egg.  A man
in a two day old pinstripe suit threw three quarters into the performer’s wicker basket
walking past on his way to work
where unbeknownst to him his boss just shot
a load of semen into the new secretary;
a young man who freshly graduated university
with a bachelor’s in communications,
uncertain if he liked showing up to work early.
Time will never allow him to be anything
more than a sneeze.  He sneezed simultaneously
with the little black girl after blowing off
her mother’s dusty book; that old Camus called
The Stranger.  How strange her thoughts,
bouncing around like light through the glass
of her slowly dripping window, would came back
to the chimney, pondering if the air inside
its flue moved as much as the things outside,
or remained still, eavesdropping on the Earth’s
vibrant vibrations.  Then, back to bouncing.

Exploded View of My Physical Self


For proper assembly of Maxwell,

carefully follow these instructions:

A.  My hair, the graveyard

where dead cells congregate,

is capped with

B. my hat, something grabbed

for needless style and signature

in public.  Slathering glue

onto the top portion of

C. my head, a condominium complex

with a bone armature (skull), quickly attach

A+B to the glued section of C.

The skull is owned by an extremely

fragile component named

D. my brain, the battery which runs

my vessel.  It is fueled from my heart (see H).

It is eyes.  Apply grease often.

Take the unit A-D, and screw into

E. my neck, the gateway

from mouth to asshole,

at the back of my jaw, then plug into

F. my torso: giant armor clasping

around a blood powered engine (heart (see H))

like a scallop shell upon

ocean salt.  Torso is Taurus.

Torso is holder of guts, fat and flab.

Torso is protector of

G. my spine: bones with burs gummed

together by fluidic discs.

It is the flagpole hoisting my torso,

exercising the blood engine,

H. my heart.  My heart makes me

want to write prose for eternity,

dying fulfilled by describing intricacies

not even science could reveal.

Next plug in

I. my arms, match “R” to the right

and “L” to the left.  Jiggle & shake

each arm like the notes of a violin

until loosened at the joints.  Stretch

and pop my fingers to activate.

Caution: fingers metaphorically pinch

thought strands from my brain (see D)

before manifesting them into physical creations.

***DO NOT BREAK!***  Snap

J. my pelvis, the core and southern

pivot point, like a tractor to trailer

from the tailbone onto the bottom portion of Torso.

Similar to my arms, you will notice

female slots for the male plugs of

K. my legs, mobile trunks with flat

feet pushing me through space.

Plug legs into pelvis then thoroughly

massage each unit for best efficiency,

loose legs make for better dancing.

Finally, carefully unwrap

L. my penis and tear

along perforated foreskin;

discard.  Allow testicles to drop

and sway like a pendulum;

perfect rhythm.  Clean often and give

plenty of air.  Erect penis

and ejaculate sperm; millions

of missed opportunities.

You have now fully assembled

M. me, Maxwell.

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