Poetry By Maxwell Redder


An Audacious Escape

Now parked, I saw the firefly
ascending from my truck bed.
His fluorescent tube acted
as a gentle jetpack, a hovercraft,
an audacious escape.

Relaxing on rusty vacant bolt holes
previously used to clasp the cap,
he did not recognize my turning ignition
signified a twelve mile drive
down the orange-barreled highway.

He must have moved to a cozy stick
safely tucked between turbulent winds;
held tightly inside the air pocket.
Was there fear? Being taken from
all that was family? His family tree:

a distant dream. Now a foreigner
ripped from the ghetto that his companions
and he developed together as larva.
Hatched. Took flight;
flashing their unique twinkles for females

watching in the leaves. Conversely,
like a stowaway praying
inside the cabinet of a ship,
he may have executed
an audacious escape.


Braid The Title
is Hair


Comforting for nine months
then responsibility for three,
is long hair controlling?


Paragraphs stitched
to the pulling spine of a book
whose even drawl

lassos the hips of readers
like panties following shoes
to hit the floor


stumbling toward a pillow
to crash upon, nine shows to catch;
three hours

cringing with a bout
of paralysis and wonder,
suction and gravity, glued

while constantly sucking the teat –
is it the television or the viewer
whom owns the breast?


The Laughing Cloud

Sinking my foot slightly
into mossy grasses neighboring
the trails dampening muck,
appreciating a break
atop the thinning apex,
waving branches of brush
absorb water molecules
like a bees-comb;
flimsy honey draping over fabric walls:
soft dimpled spines. Absorbent graph.

“View is fogged,”
slung the sulking hiker;
grays and whites zipped to spirals
as his disappointed form
tickled the laughing cloud
while maintaining constant stride
like a skier sledding by;
unappreciative of natural speed.

Break: a necessary nuisance.
Sight inside a cloud: soft gray
molecules swallowing, processing,
then cooling bodies by leaving
a satisfied film of mist
over all that she touched.

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