February 22 is now
in Cincinnati!

6:30 PM presentation 2/22/2013 at the gallery by Councilman P.G Sittenfeld

A highlight of the opening celebration of ART CINCINNATI: A Splash of Local Color,
will be a presentation by Cincinnati City Councilman P. G. Sittenfeld
at 6.30 pm to the gallery owners Laura Miller Gleason and her husband, Gary Gleason.
The Proclamation, signed by Mayor Mark Mallory proclaims this date as Miller Gallery Day
– for recognition of the Gallery’s 53 years in business
– for being continuously owned and operated by the same family
– for its contribution to the fostering of an appreciation of fine art
– for being the oldest fine art gallery in the city

ART CINCINNATI: a splash of local color

Miller Gallery represents 60 of the finest artists from across the country and around the world—but we also take great pride in the artists we represent who call Cincinnati and surrounds “home”. Twelve artists–10 painters, 2 sculptors–meet that criteria.
Spanning impressionism and realism, in figurative, landscape and still life genres, the painters listed and linked below are John Agnew, David Michael Beck, Tom Bluemlein, Pam Folsom, Adam Hayward, Rob Jefferson, Dale Lamson, Ober-Rae Starr Livingstone, Deborah Morrissey-McGoff, and Jonathan Queen. Our two local sculptors are polar opposites—Stephen Geddes sculpts the quirky meticulously in wood, and Rondle West assembles collected objects into fantastic monochromatic story-telling composites. (more)

Art Cincinnati: 12 Cincinnati living artists
10 Painters, 2 Sculptors – Wide range of Genres
Mayor proclaims Miller Gallery Day is February 22 in Cincinnati
Cincinnati’s oldest gallery shows city’s best living artists
Miller Gallery has been supporting local artists for 53 years

Opening party:

Friday, February 22, 6 – 8 pm: MEET THE ARTISTS

6:30 PM presentation of the Mayor’s MILLER GALLERY DAY proclamation

Show Dates:
February 22 – March 8, 2013

All artists available for interviews by appointment.
Portraits on request.

JOHN AGNEW: Dayton-born, this award winning artist applies his great technical skills–and passion for nature and science–to meticulous, photorealistic paintings of wildlife and nature. (link)

DAVID MICHAEL BECK: Careful executions of his keen observation, Beck’s narrative landscapes, often of Ohio, are a focus of more recent years as he moves away from a very successful career as an illustrator. (link)

TOM BLUEMLEIN: A recent past-President of the American Impressionist Society and the Cincinnati Art Club, Bluemlein’s classic impressionist landscapes feature locations across the United States and Europe. (link)

PAM FOLSOM: Using a palette knife, Pam Folsom, conjures landscapes and cityscapes–mainly of Ohio and the Florida Keys–with an inherent joyous energy, both in mood and color palette. (link)

STEPHEN GEDDES (Sculptor): During his 30 years as a product sculptor in the toy industry (including prototypes of action figures for Star Wars) Geddes has also worked as a fine artist, carving the quirky and unusual in wood. (link)

ADAM HAYWARD: Raised on a wine farm in rural Ohio, the impact and influence of open spaces and nature, particularly trees, has always been profound for Hayward, heightened by his awareness from a young age, of the works of American icon, Maxfield Parrish. (link)

ROB JEFFERSON: Best known for his small, very detailed, story-telling, black and white paintings, Jefferson has more recently become fascinated with exploring–and painting–the sculptural form of scrapped motor vehicles.

DALE LAMSON: A well-known graphic designer, Lamson revels in his fairly recent return to figurative painting, creating playful, provocative, sensual imagery that is bold in color and concept. (link)

OBER-RAE STARR LIVINGSTONE: It is the brilliance of his colors that make the vibrant, yet ethereal, landscapes of this artist really stand out in a crowd: dramatic and tranquil all at once. (link)

DEBORAH MORRISSEY-McGOFF: Her intriguing compositions and concepts with their elements of surrealism entice the viewer to unravel, imagine, or create the stories that lie within. (link)

JONATHAN QUEEN: Nationally collected, Queen is a story-teller, telling stories with toys in meticulously rendered still life paintings with a heightened sense of realism. (link)

RONDLE WEST (Sculptor): Often bold in color, always monochromatic, with both seductive and unnerving elements, West’s assemblage sculptures are like mini-stage performances, telling their own individual stories to each viewer. (link)

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