My Conceptual Photographic Work

by Louis Zoellar Bickett

Though I have photographed since 1970, by way of a serious approach, I do not consider myself to be a photographer. I do not have an identity as a photographer, rather, as a conceptual artist, I use photography as a tool to achieve the original idea for the body of work being produced, which is always serial in nature, with hundreds, and sometimes thousands of images being produced within the theme, or body of work. I “went digital” about eight years ago and have produced in excess of half a million images in that time.
The main conceptual (photographic) projects from the last decades, along with a brief description are as follows:

THE PINCH PROJECT, 1992-2002. Description: ‘Pinch’, a West Highland White Terrier was photographed in various social situations in different locations around the U.S.A.

I NEED TICKETS: NYC, August, 2007. Description: The NYC photographer Raymond Adams photographed a subject wearing a Burka while holding a sign with the text I NEED TICKETS in Brooklyn and NYC. Note: Photographed by Raymond Adams, NYC.

EVERY HAT I OWN, July 31, 2008. Description: This auto-portrait series was produced in a studio setting with LZB, dressed in a blue blazer, white dress shirt, and red-stripped bow tie wearing every hat he owns.



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