From Interim Editor Marlene Steele

Under the auspices of the Aeqai board, we are continuing the mission of Aeqai as a regional review of art events and exhibits. As this platform strives to connect artists and the art-consuming public, we express our appreciation to our readership for their continuing support and interest.

This month’s reviews offer a variety of regional features. Laura Hobson’s feature article highlights the rising stars of two curators at our Taft Museum of Art who have their fingers on the pulse of current trends in their curatorial fields. The Bill Davis Exhibit discusses the encroaching pollution of light and its effects on all living things as written by Dr. Laura Winn. An exciting review by Cynthia Kukla takes us through the exhibit of groundbreaking work of Barbara Kruger at the Chicago Art Institute.

Walk through the multiple galleries of the “Everrrything” Exhibit with Josh Beckleheimer as he reviews an intriguing installation by Lorna Simpson.

Thanks to the continuing interest of you, our readership, we are encouraged to maintain the mission of our platform as we move forward.

Next month, the board of Aeqai is presenting a matching challenge grant.

A very generous, anonymous donor has granted Aeqai a $5,000 challenge to raise $10,000 in new money or incremental giving above what donors have given in the past.

So for every $2 raised he will match a $1.

Additionally we are having an art auction on Nov. 18th. at the Annex Gallery, Pendleton Street. Cincinnati.  This Art Auction of 50 art pieces includes more than 25 works from Daniel Brown’s personal collection that he gathered and enjoyed during his lifetime.

The success of this challenge and the Art Auction will insure Aeqai’s continued operation for the next year. We invite you to support our endeavor and the regional arts community that we bring to you.  More about this campaign and our November fundraiser will be found in next month’s Publication. Your participation will be welcomed.

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