parProjects presents Symphonic Stylings: Art, Fashion & Live Music at the Electric Warehouse

On June 23rd, parProjects — the group that brought last October’s Factory Square Fine Arts Festival to Cincinnati — will be hosting one of its most important collaborations to date, “Symphonic Stylings.” In conjunction with ARTAYA (Washington, DC), The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, “concert:nova”, NVISION (Northside), and Sloane Boutique (Over The Rhine), the group will be inviting the Greater Cincinnati Metro Area to join them for a night of fashion, fine art, music, libations and fundraising.

More specifically, this night will highlight some of the area’s most cutting edge designers and boutiques in a runway fashion show, set to a contemporary collection of sounds orchestrated by a musical collaboration between “concert:nova” and The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra — lead be Ixi Chen (of CSO).

In addition to the fashion aspects of the event, parProjects is also proud to present a fine art exhibition led by Billy Colbert (Washington, DC), Susan Byrnes (Dayton, OH) and Rob Walport (Cincinnati, OH). This, a show involving work of various media, will complement the fashion components with video-installation, large-scale sculpture and interactive media revolving around various subjects such as women’s strength.

The event will also give the area its first look at a debuting space in Northside named (by parProjects) the Electric Warehouse. With raw walls, 16′ high ceilings and the help of local lighting/set-designers, the 10,000 square foot space is only being limited by the imagination of the parProjects team. We invite you to tell a friend, wear something stylish and enjoy an event like none you’ve experienced in Cincinnati before.

Dinner by the bite (for VIP/Eearly entry guests) will be provided by Northide’s “Take The Cake.”  100% of profits from alcohol and artwork sales at the event will go towards building an Art & Education Center for Northside (Cincinnati).

More about the fashion:

Washington, DC designer Dana Ayanna Greaves produces a collection of apparel and accessories with the goal of dressing women that she defines as a ‘Bohemian Boss.’ These women are fearless, accomplished,
and culturally curious. Dana draws influence from design elements found in China, western and southern Africa, and the Caribbean resulting in a modern aesthetic that is peppered with print, texture, and multicultural notes.

For Symphonic Stylings, Dana will be presenting a never-before seen line of her Bohemian Boss collection. Keeping things chic, she’s come up with an array of fabric pairings and customized looks to, in her words, demonstrate ideas of shedding the uniform to reveal one’s true self. Her models will slowly evolve from the tame to the wild during her duration of her show.

For four years now, Emily Buddendeck has been running NVISION, her independently owned and operated retail shop, located in Northside, Cincinnati.  Within the walls of her store, customers can find vintage & contemporary clothing for men, women & children, locally made artwork, vintage furniture & housewares, and handcrafted items created by local artists.  The shop’s flair for the unique & unexpected is a sure bet to convert the casual browser to a regular customer. For Symphonic Stylings, Emily has put together a collection of women’s vintage formalwear, sophisticated dresses, lingerie, and suits that pay tribute to the high-end designers of the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, yet are styled for the modern woman.  This collection has been formed from various area estates & private sources, and features pieces that have been selected for their particular attention to craft, construction, exquisite detail, and overall elegance.  This collection will comprise the finale of the runway show.

Sloane Boutique In the heart of Over-The-Rhine (Cincinnati) lays an exquisite boutique that focusses on chic style, culture and providing clothing and accessories that can’t be found anywhere else in the region. This jewel is Sloane Boutique, led by its fashion-forward-founder Duru Armagan. And since opening this past November (2011), most agree her vision to land a high-end fashion boutique in the heart of Cincinnati’s Gateway District was a stroke of brilliance. So, we at parProjects are happy to have on-board for her first Cincinnati fashion show …hopefully a memorable experience. For Symphonic Stylings, Sloane Boutique is pairing both men’s and women’s high-end garments for an exciting co-ed runway show. Attendees can expect to be dazzled by spring/summer colors, elegant fabrics alongside edgy semi-formal menswear. Her collections have been imported from all over the country and even as far as France. And for the show, Duru’s attention to detail and forward thinking will be brought to life within her combination of garments and model-pairings. Some of her designers include Gypsy 05, Aaron Ashe, Kymerah, Artfully Disheveled and Jonathan Mezibov (Cincinnati).

More about the art:

Susan Byrnes has created a series of cast-iron “lingerie flags” for the Symphonic Stylings exhibition. These remarkable pieces blend the most delicate lady-garments with the industrial nature and weight of cast iron to speak about the strength of a woman. More specifically, these large scale works comment on strides some middle eastern communities have made, to start allowing women (and only women) the opportunity to work in the lady-garment industry.

Billy Colbert will be presenting a selection of video projection pieces from his mannequin series. This line of work abstractly portrays the role of mannequins in todays society. Humorous examples of this inanimate object’s life are brought to life through layers of projected video.

Rob Wolpert is installing a large scale, interactive, light sculpture for the exhibition. Spanning over eight feet in width, the artist has created a structure which suspends over 1,000 pieces of grid-based pieces of translucent cloth down eight feet to hover the ground and create a volume that visitors are encouraged to walk through. This work is filled with abstract, code-based imagery that is projected onto the surface from multiple points using multiple projections. When installed, a delicate, highly interactive pieces is created and guest are able to disappear into the dancing lights.

June 23rd: 9PM – 10:30PM

1645 Blue Rock (Within the Bertke Electric Buildings).

VIP guest entry: 6:30PM

General admission Doors Open at 8PM

After party 10:30PM – 1:30AM

$50 General admission

$75 VIP (w/Dinner by the bite and complimentary beverage)

Buy tickets online:

Buy tickets in person:

NVISION (4577 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223),

Sloane Boutique (1216 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202) and

Smartfish Studio & Sustainable Supply (1301 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45223).

Event websites:

For more info, contact Jonathan Sears at:


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