The Wine Rep

Naked, making money, laughing

just as hydraulics hiss

from the bus lifting

itself back up to go –

easy life for a wine rep.


Dressed, no cigarette yet,

relentless phone calls

ringing like church bells –

clients wanting their orders

on time. Bathtub, backrub,


a bowl of yogurt with berries

emptied. Car office, daily

route – a butterfly smacked

the windshield; reminding

of fragility.  Ed,


always an Ed thinking power

is a rubberband. A movie

rented from a red box near a store exit

and a smoke crave

fulfilled with a co-worker.


Four hours since dressing

and back home. Dusty man shakes

his hair, sits down, inquires

why her finger is soaking

in milk. Fed,
hot pepper eggs, working

to empty a red box

of wine; cab sauv. The soft cat

lost in licking. Her naked,

drying up.




The Framer

Returning home from the freezer

he peeled a sweat-glued shirt

off his pinched nerve and side-racked back

before patting the dog’s head

sporadically as she twisted in circles

while sprinting. To the fridge first


for a Coors: testimony of his paycheck –

for a fancy: ponderous like harlequin –

for a lover: tasteful in the dance –

for a thrill: rarely inquisitive –

for a Coors: and all it sandwiches;

smiling melodically.


Each second-

floor balcony is the same square kissing

the bedroom’s speckled carpet.

City air wafts as cars

act like mosquitoes, thickening

in humidity; another bottle cap joins the pile.


His wife’s hand excited his senses:

quickly zipping concentration

from scribbled paper. Fascinating.

Honking horn, drunken rant, pigeons screaming

from close wires because she thinks they’re cute;

he agrees, and they feed them periodically


as fancy: repetitious like lottery –

as favor: providing to beggars –

as insult: slashing authoritative code –

as access: oblivious war over bread –

as fancy: something small to love.

Cooking poultry and squatting,


she curled her fingers around the stem

of her wine glass. Days exchanged

and food consumed, they walked the

dog who engaged in smell more than most humans.

They admired a goose floating at night,

returned to bed and did the dance; tastefully.




The Jeweler

Fabulous under fluorescents;

encased. Encased under

encased fluorescents: wicked

diamonds on felt pads. Woman

gawks above wicked diamonds

glittering on felt pads

under fluorescents – wicked woman

buys wicked diamond.


“Wilson. Good sale, good sale

Wilson.” Boss always wears yellow:

mustard family of yellow. Wilson’s

family loves mustard and mustard boss

loves Wilson’s family.


Wilson, home with other Wilson’s,

home where Wilson’s play

play home. Wilson made dinner;

famous Wilson dinner as Wilson’s

exchange days and ideas with kids

and kids with mom and mom

exchanges ideas with Wilson’s, and Wilson’s

with mom’s mom.


Wilson, teaching chess to two

kids who picked up chess early.

Kids quick with their queens

intimidate Wilson and wise,

patient Wilson intimidated,

intimidates kids

to blunder; blundered,


kids felt intimidation.

Mom drops off the hot chocolate

and finishes her show, says goodnight,

shows Wilson a sign & secret sign and drops


a kiss on the kids and the kids

kiss the mom and Wilson wonders.

Her in bed and Wilson hearing

her wonder about Wilson as she joins


her hand to her Wilson gold –

holding her torso. Wilson

kisses kids and tucks them in

thankful kids still enjoy chess – Mrs. Wilson

rubs her diamond.





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