Outside of “Outsiderness” Thornton Dial, Courttney Cooper, and other “Hard Truths” In an essay in the catalog for “Hard Truths,” Thornton Dial’s brilliant retrospective at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (up until September 15, 2011), Greg Tate takes on the “hard truths” involved […]

Majr (Self) Gazn

Majr (Self) Gazn “Maidens of the Cosmic Body Running:  Majr Gazr” is a collective exhibition featuring the work of area artists Denise Burge, Lisa Siders, and Jenny Ustick at the Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art.  The installation is an intensely immersive experience in which the group employs color, video, geometric abstraction, wall-drawings, […]

Meet The New Century

Same as the old century. (thankfully) Anytime an exhibition promises The New –whether by title or press release- I hear alarm bells.  My immediate thoughts conjure up images of artworks that question, examine, provoke, or reconsider some previously ill-considered idea; and above all else, I expect to have my expectations challenged.  So when I received […]

Bill Seitz

A Product of His Experience Bill Seitz has all the requisite credentials, but the direction he has gone has taken on a life of its own, and he describes his work as Gallery Director at The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center (http://www.thecarnegie.com/), in Covington, KY for sixteen years as “the dream job.” The Carnegie […]

Barry Andersen

A conversation. With his usual reticence to tout his own achievements – “I don’t profess to have any particular insight other than doing it for a long time,” Barry Andersen succinctly distilled the major challenges facing the role of art education and art making in contemporary society over chili the other day. Professor Barry Andersen, […]

Susan Schuler

The Deep Blue Sea. Water Garden, a new exhibition of paintings by area artist Susan Schuler opened this past weekend (April 29, 2011) at the Malton Gallery.  Schuler has gained a reputation for her brash palette and a gestural approach to painting that echo’s what critic Clement Greenberg once referred to as “the tenth street […]

Things Fall Apart

Nam June Paik and the Conservation of Video Sculpture A Symposium at DAAP Conserving the pioneering work of artist Nam June Paik was the subject of this past weekend’s symposium at The University of Cincinnati. Made possible by a grant from the Getty Foundation, artists, curators, and academics from across the nation and as far […]

What Would Nam June (Paik) Do?

What Would Nam June (Paik) Do? The University of Cincinnati’s College of Design Art Architecture and Planning hosted the Nam June Paik and the Conservation of Video Sculpture, Symposium and Exhibition (April 15-16, 2011), a coup for the College of Art, (long the red-headed stepchild of DAAP’s other more financially-driven Colleges). Thanks to a grant […]

Cynthia Goodman

An Uncrowned Queen Cincinnati’s Cynthia Goodman enjoys international success as a curator, writer, corporate art consultant, documentary producer and former director of New York City’s IBM Gallery of Science and Art. Her gold-braided resume made her the preeminent choice to be the interim director of Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center, not once but twice. But Goodman […]

The American Circus Poster

Out Of Kitsch and Into Dream: “The Amazing American Circus Poster:  the Strobridge Lithographing Company” allows art to encompass life in a way that transforms both.  The show, beautifully and meticulously curated and installed, has an epic quality, as if the curator were pulling together props and sentiments for a big-budget fever-dream/movie showcasing tropes from […]