The Cincinnati Art Museum opens a brand new exhibition Cincinnati Everyday on Saturday, May 25th. This exhibition by Cincinnati natives, Cole Carothers and Courttney Cooper, will include landscape oil paintings by Carothers and and aerial view maps by Cooper. Carothers and Cooper met more than two years ago.  They found common ground over an intense dedication to their craft of observing and reporting their surroundings. Both artists have ties to Visionaries + Voices,  a non-profit organization where artists with disabilities receive space and support to create art. Carothers works there as a volunteer, and Cooper as an artist.  They explore unique perspectives on Cincinnati and their work showcases a portrait of our great city.

Carothers, a classically trained oil painter, has developed a significant body of work in a landscape tradition. Carothers builds on this tradition by creating views of Cincinnati that slyly draw in social commentary and often distort his actual observations. The paintings visitors will see are brightly-colored and depict familiar buildings, such as the Fifth Third Bank building, the Aronoff Center, and the Contemporary Art Center.

Cooper creates large-scale aerial view “maps” of Cincinnati using nothing more than copier paper, ballpoint pens, and a deep knowledge of the city built upon a lifetime of traveling through the city. Cooper attends the studios of Visionaries + Voices several times each week when he’s not working his full-time job at Kroger. The large works on paper frequently travel with him between these destinations. The maps draw you in with their whimsical nature. You can stand in front of the maps for hours, find where you live, work, shop, play, etc. It’s all there in perfect detail.

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