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The Collections: 6000 Years of Art
Opening November 17, 2012

The Cincinnati Art Museum is excited to announce that Phase II of the popular
permanent exhibition “The Collections: 6000 Years of Art” will be on view beginning November
17, 2012. The Cincinnati Art Museum opened Phase I of The Collections: 6000 Years of Art in
December 2011, displaying nearly two thousand pieces drawn from the Art Museum’s
collection of more than sixty thousand objects. Antiquities, fine furniture, Japanese tea pots,
fine silver, and paintings hung salon style make up the first installation. What will be new to
visitors in this second gallery of nearly 480 additional works, which makes up the “The
Collections: 6000 Years of Art,” is an assortment of objects from our beloved Native American
art collections, including works from the Southwest Pueblo and Navaho cultures. Additional
works from the collections of Ancient Art will also be featured, with objects from the ancient
Nabatean kingdom. Visitors will be thrilled by selections from its department of Decorative Arts
and Design and a large number of objects from the Department of Fashion Arts and Textiles.
Together, Phase I and Phase II offer unparalleled opportunities to engage with works that are
rarely available for viewing.

According to Cincinnati Art Museum’s Chief Curator James Crump, “Gallery designers,
curators, and the Director of the Art Museum Aaron Betsky opened the door to the treasure
chest that is our storage and put on view for the public a dense selection which spans more
than six thousand years.” “Deciding which pieces would be part of this exhibition was
challenging” he added; “Our selection was vetted by the curators of the departments, all of
whom wanted to showcase areas not often on view.”

The materials will be on display on shipping crates, on racks, and in storage cabinets, all
adapted so that you can enjoy them at close hand. Both wall text and digital labels using IPADS
will help visitors access a wealth of information about each work of art. The works on paper
and certain objects that are light sensitive will be rotated every few months.

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