Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center

CALL FOR ENTRY <<< The Manifest Prize! Deadline in TWO WEEKS! ONE 3 The 3rd Annual MANIFEST PRIZE $1000 cash award + solo exhibition Deadline for Entry: November 1, 2012 For details and to enter visit: All of Manifest's calls for entry are competitive. The stiffness of the competition has increased in proportion to Manifest's growing reputation, powerful mission, and international reach. Our mission to stand for quality, to create a system whereby works are judged with objectivity as a primary aim, and assembled with as little subjective curatorial ego as possible has gained the respect of thousands of artists from all over the world, and a vast following of arts lovers, patrons, and supporters. Our careful and deliberate process of jurying and selecting work involves the complete design of each exhibit, with every work having its own planned placement before the artists are even notified of the jury results. This enables Manifest's exhibits to have a professionalism of presentation, a spatial presence akin to that of a museum exhibit, and a cohesion (even among the often very diverse works) throughout the exhibit. We have worked hard to match the growing eagerness of artists around the world to show at Manifest by expanding our gallery spaces. The running linear feet within our three spaces is equal to many larger galleries in colleges and universities, and larger than many commercial spaces. And we have plans to expand further in coming years. However, we maintain that a smaller gallery enables such intense and refined exhibits to take place, and we respect the creative principle of reduction to an essential conclusive statement for each exhibit. Limitation and the requirement of selectivity is what has led to the high caliber of each Manifest exhibit, and to the gallery's notable reputation. THE MANIFEST PRIZE: With this principle of reduction in mind, we have been inspired by the intensity of jury after jury to narrow down a collection of entries to a exceptional exhibit. With this we have determined to push the process to the ultimate limit - from among many to select ONE single work to be exhibited in the Parallel Space at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati from December 14 through January 11, 2013. This work will be the recipient of the third annual MANIFEST PRIZE, a cash award to a single work selected by our rigorous jury process, and presented in a gallery all to itself as the highlight of the process, an honor to the artist, and a poignant statement for gallery visitors. The Manifest Prize was launched in 2010 as an annual offering. The cash award for this competition is now $1000. Five semi-finalists will also be featured in the full-color exhibit catalog. Eligibility: ONE 3 is open to everyone (students and professionals are encouraged to submit). The only limitation is that entries must represent original works of art or design and be available and capable of being exhibited in Manifest's Parallel Space gallery. Media: Open to any and all traditional and non-traditional visual arts genre and media, (including video, photography, sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, etc.). There is no size limit or minimum size requred, other than what is capable of being displayed in our gallery space. Works may be very small, room-sized, or somewhere in between. Artists may submit any number of works for consideration. Deadline for Entry: November 1, 2012 For details and to enter visit:

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