The London Police, Youths Swooping uponst Baris, hand painted indelible ink on canvas, 9’11” x 6’7″, 2011


Universally renowned and recognized for their iconic LADS characters and precision marking, British art collective The London Police (TLP) are pivotal voices in the history of street art. During their two-week stay, Covington becomes a canvas for public art, where contemporary urban spin collides with the city’s artistic and architectural heritage.

Painted alongside buildings and inside local businesses, the project creates a walking trail of art throughout the community. The Second Coming includes a new large-scale mural and ten to twelve individual LADS who “escape” and explore the city on their own terms.  Maps created by TLP, reveal their hiding places and guide visitors throughout the City of Covington.

“The idea is to create a public art project promoting unique places in Covington to build visibility and drive traffic to them,” says curator Mike Amann.

TLP wrap up their visit with a celebratory party and map reveal hosted by BLDG on August 16, 7 – 11 pm.  Join the festivities, for a chance to meet global icons of the contemporary art world, purchase some of their work and sit front row as TLP Dog Singers perform at the end of the night.

About The London Police

Born in Chelmsford, Essex, The London Police (TLP) founders Chaz and Bob moved to Amsterdam in 1998. Acclaimed works include: murals of titanic proportion such as Kreuzberg, Berlin a six story outdoor installation, coveted original canvases, short films and music quips of high regard.

About BLDG

A creative refuge fostering the inspirational, visionary and uncommon, BLDG specializes in branding, graphic design and urban contemporary art. Where copious creatives challenge the norm, stand on the ceiling and change what’s possible. Transformation is inevitable, ordinary is unacceptable. Notable clients include LIVESTRONG, VisitLEX, Boca Restaurant Group, The Party Source, Mandalay Baseball, Currito, VHILS, The London Police and Prefab 77.

Important Dates:

August 8 – August 20 The Second Coming: The London Police return to the City of Covington

Map Reveal and Celebration: Friday, August 16, 2013 7-11 PM at BLDG

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