Nicholas Pfarr at William Schickel Gallery

By Kenn Day Most galleries I visit are very professional. By this I mean that great attention has been paid to everything from the lighting and framing and placement to the carpet and the color of the walls. The art viewed in these places has been created to compete in a world in which the […]

Mediating Matrices and Meditations on a New Media: Built in the Digital World: Kimberly Burleigh, James Duesing, Derrick Woodham and McCrystle Wood: at Weston Art Gallery June 15 – August 31, 2012

  By: Regan Brown Photographs courtesy of Weston Gallery “. . . In that Empire, the Art of Cartography attained such Perfection that the map of a single Province occupied the entirety of a City, and the map of the Empire, the entirety of a Province. In time, those Unconscionable Maps no longer satisfied, and […]

Collaborative Assemblages

By: Maria Seda-Reeder “Found in Translation: Work by Cynthia Gregory, Christian Schmit and Greg Swiger” at
Semantics Gallery is the kind of show at which you can get lost.  The mostly miniature/sculptural works are tiny assemblages of objects that range from meticulously crafted to purposefully undone.  Diminutive paintings, drawings, furniture, and found objects round out a densely […]

True Believer: “Henry Ossawa Tanner: Modern Spirit” at Cincinnati Art Museum

  By: Keith Banner “Henry Ossawa Tanner: Modern Spirit,” currently on view through September 9, 2012 at the Cincinnati Art Museum, invokes the hush and grandeur of a nighttime cathedral with dark-toned walls and Midnight in Paris lighting, as if to set the stage for an upscale art-history coronation. Many of the paintings themselves give […]

Color of Wind, Sound of Water

  By: Daniel Brown Uniting gestural abstraction and calligraphic mark making, Frank Satogata celebrates nature’s beautiful juxtapositions. TWO APPROACHES to the globalized art market, though widely different, have evolved on parallel tracks. On the one hand, there’s an internationalized art market predicated on our consumerist culture and the consequent adoration of and obsession with American […]

George Inness at The Cincinnati Art Museum

  By: Kevin Muente I stand before George Inness’s Near the Village, October on the last hot day of June and long for fall. This medium size painting, 30 x 45 inches, seems larger to me. Perhaps its stately frame makes it feel more formidable. Near the center of the painting in the middle ground […]

Jannis Varelas: Sleep My Little Sheep Sleep at the Contemporary Arts Center

  By: Amanda Dalla Villa Adams German philosopher Walter Benjamin’s angel of history surveys the past and “sees one single catastrophe, which unceasingly piles rubble on top of rubble and hurls it before his feet.”  But instead of turning away, the angel is swiftly driven by an irresistible force – the storm of progress – […]

Geometrically Ordered Design: Fantastic Four

    By: Dustin Pike “The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” -Albert Einstein This is my fourth article pertaining to the design field and again it is necessary to distinguish between art and design. Design in essence cannot be accomplished without specific degrees of control, and almost always has […]

Stand-In God

By: Maxwell Redder “Museum Gallery / Gallery Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio. 104 degrees; a new record: Saturday, July the seventh of twenty-twelve.” The fathers of existentialism often explored the concepts of being ‘thrown into existence.’  The fact that we neither asked for, nor gave permission to enter this universe as a conscious being, presents more challenging […]

Donna Talerico at Greenwich House Gallery

By: Daniel Brown Donna Talerico wows us, once again, with her new paintings of France, currently on view at Greenwich House Gallery in O’Bryonville.  Her annual trip to France has been generating some of the most energetic and engaging paintings in this region, where she lives.  Talerico manages to be both an Impressionist and an […]