Chris Larson’s Entropy

Minnesota-based multi-media artist Chris Larson’s work “Function is Redundant” is displayed at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Art Center and runs until September 2, 2018. In this large display of single and multi-channel video art installations, sculptures, paintings, and intermedia, Larson’s work incorporates large-scale ethereal photography, drawings and sound to supplement his documented process of structural abrogation. As […]

Alison Crocetta’s Deconstructed Still Circus

Alison Crocetta, Associate Professor at The Ohio State University, spans sculpture, performance, and video art in her work. The Contemporary Arts Center’s exhibition “Circus of One,” features Crocetta’s video art pieces and performances, often presented in digital photography form, divorced from their performative semblance. Her solo-screening at the CAC, “A Circus of One” features the […]

Viscosity Series

Bookending the extensive career of Henri Matisse was his phenomenal series known as the cut-outs.  Making their way to the art scene in the 1940s and 50s, these works surprised and surpassed many of his past contributions.   As Matisse journeyed into this new and final territory, he unearthed successful discoveries still yet to be realized […]

“Atmosphera,” Kennedy Heights Art Center

I came disposed to like “Atmosphera” at the Kennedy Heights Art Center. I was looking for it to calm me down after a hellish drive there from Covington. Street fairs and construction thwarted my attempt to get on I-71 N. I ended up as far west as I could go on 6thStreet, and my only […]

Artist Interview for Aeqai: Megan Bickel interviews Photographer, Bill Daniel

“In a sense it’s just ridiculously irresponsible to try to work as an artist.”   —Bill Daniels  If you were shuffling around the Portland neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky during the first week of June, you heard rumbles that an artist by the name of Bill Daniels was going to steamroll through with a one-night, bombastic, fully […]

DAAP’s Annual Duct Tape Exhibition

DAAP’s annual Duct Tape Exhibition was thinking big this year, really big. The grassy area at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Clifton Avenue was spotted with enormous creations by the students and faculty at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP). You couldn’t miss the colorful […]

Wired For Color – Cincinnati Art Galleries

‘Wired For Color’ is on display now at Cincinnati Art Galleries.  It features works by Wolfgang Ritschel and Eddie Eckenrode. Wolfgang Ritschel was an artist who grew up in and was educated in Vienna, Austria.  He explored vibrant color in a style he considered “Expressionism influenced by Fauvism”. His work included many portraits of medical […]

“Spring Creations”, Landscapes at Eisele Gallery

Eisele Gallery welcomed warmer weather with “Spring Creations,” featuring three regional representational artists whose paintings blended well in an exhibition on view May 11 through June 16. Because each is represented by the gallery their individual works can be seen there at all times. Cindy Nixon, one of this trio, gives us un-peopled landscapes that […]

SOS ART and “For A Better World 2018”

What does a better world look like? In an era of pompous personalities in power and borders erected between our shared humanity, this is a question many of us are asking ourselves. Not only are we scrutinizing what a better world could look like, we are wondering how we can contribute to its formation. There […]

Fotofolio: Robert Dash

“Micro Climate Change” Robert’s statement: Humans are busy going about our lives, while nature is in shock from the choices that we make. This series is about how nature responds to climate change from a micro perspective. The images highlight the exquisite detail, mystery, vulnerability and power of nature. As a career educator, naturalist and […]