The River and the Thread, Indian Hill Gallery

How do we define a grid? When does an artist find it desirable to exploit the grid’s rigid constraints? And when is it more interesting to modify or even reject them? This exhibit educates about forms and formats of fiber art. Immediately catching the gallery visitor’s eye are two black-and-white weavings that their makers call […]

Thomas Hieronymus Towhey: Breaking Out the Magic Monkey, a 40-Year Retrospective

Caza Sikes is currently presenting a 30-piece retrospective of works by prominent Cincinnati artist Tom Towhey. The show spans the last 40 years of his appealing and unique work. It is a vibrant show, filled with a broad range of new and older borrowed pieces, beginning with images for Gibson Greetings, Inc., a Cincinnati based […]

Kate Oh Gallery: The Korean Archetype

Kate Oh’s Gallery’s new exhibition, The Korean Archetype, on view from March 1 until March 11, 2022, introduces the stridently feminist work of Miky (Yoohyun) Kim to a wider audience. I characterize Kim’s work as “stridently feminist” even though Kim is not interested in veridical or representational indices that directly cull femininity nor straightforwardly espouse […]

City of Cinema: Paris 1850-1907 – Historicizing Visual Forms

Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s “City of Cinema: Paris 1850-1907” exhibition, places us squarely in the middle of the era. There are a handful of projections on the walls, mostly consisting of films by the famous Lumiere Brothers’ cinematographs. My favorite depicts Les Halles, the grand markets of a past Paris. Les Halles provided […]

SOS ART Youth Exhibition

Art is a potent vehicle of change for it affects both the maker and the viewer in a manner that no other medium can. SOS ART Cincinnati recognizes this and for the last 19 years has been using art as a tool for social change. One of the important activities of the organization is the […]

Taft Museum Celebrates 200 Years of its Historic House with a Renovation

Two hundred years have passed, and the historic house at the Taft Museum of Art still stands. In 1932 the Taft Museum of Art opened with the personal art collection of Anna Sinton Taft and Charles Phelps Taft. Now, the museum, located in this historic house is undergoing an extensive preservation project. The house was […]