Off the Wall: “The Other Window: Emil Robinson and Matthew Yaeger” at Wave Pool

One of those shows that hits you over the head in a good way, “The Other Window” features lush, rainbow-bright paintings both stationed on walls and on pedestals and the floor.  It’s a funhouse sort of gig, but beautifully, self-consciously serious too. Emil Robinson has taken care of the wall portion with handsome, studious but […]

Authentic Narratives: Ohio’s Regionalists, 1915-1950

Looking back historically, one sees that Post World War II critics and curators endorsing the trends of expressive experimentation emanating from New York as the mechanism of modernism in the visual arts, eschewed figurative and narrative representations and the artists who employed these elements as outdated and behind the times. Regardless of the critics’ blessing, […]

A Walk Through The Garden of Restoration

For years Raymond Thunder-Sky could be spotted around Cincinnati construction sites, wearing a hard hat and clown collar. Few people knew that he was drawing the buildings as they were demolished and built anew, imagining fantastical venues like the “Electricians Amusement Parks” and “Carnival Costume Shop.” Thunder-Sky, who was mentally challenged, began meeting with Bill […]

Profile, Thomas Towhey

The artist Thomas Hieronymous Towhey, born in Cincinnati in the mid-20th century and resident here most of the time since, gave himself his middle name. Towhey is an admirer of that early Netherlandish painter, Hieronymous Bosch, who in fact played around with his own nomenclature. The Dutchman’s original surname referred to the place his family […]

Lizzy Duquette: Collaborative Interdisciplinary Artist

If you have the chance to meet Lizzy Duquette, take the opportunity to sit with her for a moment. She is quiet and shy. She might hesitate to speak first. With the right prompting however, within seconds you will see that she has the mind of an artist — teeming with big ideas and in […]

Matthew Zory

  “The Other Side of Music Hall” “As a symphony musician my time is spent in the opulent settings of a historic 19th century concert hall amidst “the remnants of a great city” as an urban renewal expert once said about the Other the Rhine area of Cincinnati. This dichotomy of haves and have-nots always […]


    Winter has officially arrived in Cincinnati and so too have an array of new men’s fashion collections for the Fall 2016 season. As in women’s apparel, some collections were classic in color and style, while others took a more avant-garde approach to dressing men. Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, known for […]

Daphne Minkoff and Tim Cross, Linda Hodges Gallery, Jan. 7-30, 2016

A “drive-thru” restaurant. Aging wood-frame houses. Desolate T-docks. In her latest show at Linda Hodges Gallery in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood, Daphne Minkoff portrays forgotten pockets of the urban landscape through collage and oil paints. No figures populate these ordinary spaces, yet the signs of human activity remain, in the graffiti and old advertisements that […]

Art’s Power to Overcome Adversity Resounds in “Watts”

In the summer of 1965, a young black man was pulled over by a white police officer for suspicion of driving while under the influence. The incident occurred on August 11 on the outskirts of Watts and brought with it an unsettling exchange. What initially began as a roadside argument quickly escalated into a fight, […]