Escape from the Convent School Tower: On Remedios Varo’s 1960-61 Triptych

Mother Superior and her creepy bearded henchman have come to retrieve the septet of uniformed captives from their human beehive. It is time for the girls to go to work. As always, mysterious hypnotic forces compel them to mount their bicycles, starry-eyed, and follow their captors towards the tower. The tails of their habits become […]

The Places You’ll Go: The Art of Walking

During this time of the pandemic, in addition to reading, what I have been doing a lot of is walking. Every day, sometimes going two or even three times, just for the purpose of getting out of the house, getting some space to think or reflect. A change of scenery at a slow pace. An […]

Art Acquisitions

What goes into acquiring art institutionally?  Aeqai takes a look at the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Skirball Museum at Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion. Cynthia Amneus, curator, fashion arts and textiles at CAM, is an expert in acquisitions which can be gifts or purchases.  Sometimes, a curator will receive a call […]

Celebrating the Modern Woman: Isabel Bishop 1902-1988

Isabel Bishop, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, spent her childhood in Detroit, before moving to New York City to study illustration at the New York School of Applied Design for Women.  For many years she had a studio on Union Square at 14th Street, and the Square inspired Bishop with much human activity, which often became […]

Carolee Schneemann (1939-2019)

I was asked to write this article on one of my favorite women artists. Without hesitation, I knew it would be about the late, great Carolee Schneemann. Carolee activated the female nude with a multidisciplinary practice that spanned sixty years including painting, assemblage, performance and film. She received her B.A. in poetry and philosophy from […]

Fotofolio – Lisa Britton

“Lisa Britton Retrospective: 1988-1999” Lisa’s statement and bio: What causes one to be truly amazed and delighted? For me it is light itself, and how it can reveal a vision of loveliness and meaning. In all of these images light reveals an idea, a dream, a landscape, a moment which felt sacred in some way. […]

Tala Madani and her Théâtre de la Cruauté in Projections

At a whopping eight feet wide and predominately a Mars Black that tempers into the Payne’s Gray realm, Projections (2015) presents itself (similarly to all of Madani’s paintings, animations, drawings and music) as a viscus and intuitive—quick or even hasty— figurative narrative depicting male figures participating in some sort of tragic comedy.  Carbon Black lines […]

Camille Claudel’s Les Causeuses: The Subject of Lack and the Leaning Tree of Destiny

Unfortunately, albeit perhaps tethered to imposed historical responsibility, most introductions to Camille Claudel and her oeuvre are steeped in biographical detail that inevitably draws  in her partner Rodin’s shadow. I am afraid that I, too, have lapsed into entertaining this impulse if only to make it an object of critique. Although “Rodin’s mistress,” “Rodin’s assistant” […]