Aeqai: July 2022 – Editor’s comments

Editor’s Comments. June 2022. The summer season is visiting upon us both the glories of nature and its furies. In these turbulent times of war, rumors of war, disasters and upheaval, one might enjoy a reasonable respite in the columns posted here that invoke the timelessness of nature’s seasonal cycles.

Michael Scott: Preternatural

What’s in a number? We learn to count. But beyond counting begins an associative relationship with this abstract process. There is 1, 2 sides, trinity, 4 corners, five fingers (counting the thumb), 6 swans-a-swimming, seven days to the week, figure eight’s, “number 9… number 9” and then, we add a zero – 10.

Contemporary Arts Center Opens Creativity Center

Contemporary Arts Center Opens Creativity Center. By Laura A. Hobson. A new horizon opens at the Contemporary Arts Center, 44 E. Sixth Street, on Oct. 8 after seven years of planning. Begun in 2021, construction for a new Creativity Center will be finished in late August. During September, staff will install nine works of art.

Visualizing the world of Octavia Butler

By Josh Beckelhimer. Shaper of God is on display through October 4, 2022. CalArts’ REDCAT gallery displays a small but notable exhibition called Shaper of God by American Artist. Artist, who legally changed their name in 2013, aptly de-centers what might be their own artistic style.

Van Gogh and European Landscape

Van Gogh and European Landscapes is what the museum calls a “Focus Exhibition”: a small, intimate affair designed to encourage us to look more carefully. It’s a nice strategy and allows curators to use just a few borrowed works as the basis for a program.

Tokushi Japanese Woodblock Prints

Hiroshige. Kuniyoshi. Hokusai. These are a few of the revered masters of Japan’s most celebrated era of woodblock printmaking. Active in the 19th century, these artists’ works –featuring landscape views and the “pleasures of the floating world”–were collected avidly not only in their home country, but abroad.

Saad Ghosn: Scream and Beyond

A Call for Change.
Can art be a form of activism or is its power limited to the purely aesthetic realm? While artists and aestheticians continue to debate this, artist Saad Ghosn firmly believes that art has the ability to create a better world.