Review: Galloping Through Dynasties Exhibit

Did you know that in ancient China horses danced for emperors? Or that painters used horses as symbols for both prosperity and protest? Galloping Through Dynasties at the Cincinnati Art Museum uses new research and important loaned works from around the world to tell a fascinating story of the evolution of horse images in China over the course of 3,000 years.

Charley Harper Sculpture Unveiled in Springfield Township

World-renowned artist Charley Harper’s memory lives on. Executive Director Kim Flamm, ArtsConnect in Springfield Township, called Charley Harper’s son Brett and talked to him about a sculpture made in Charley’s memory. After he agreed, she put out a call for artists earlier this year for a sculpture to be placed on the corner of Winton […]

October 2022 – Editor’s comments

In this posting, we present the Return to Rencontres Part II, as Mr. Messer journals his experiences, observations and conclusions.  Laura Hobson writes up the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, interviewing the founder, several personages in administration and dancers who are bringing their talents to the performances.  Josh Beckelhimer walks you through the Regen Projects Tribute […]

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company Brings Black Life to the Dance Arts

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company is the modern Black dance organization in the area. Known in Dayton, it also draws dancers from across the country and performs in places like New York. Its mission is to be a culturally diverse contemporary dance company committed to teaching the broadest audience for exceptional performances and arts-integrated education.  Its […]

Return to Rencontres: Part Two

The morning of July 15th I woke to the familiar smell of smoke from burnt wood (familiar because my own, wooden house had burned less than ten years earlier – for years that smell set off alarm bells in my brain). There was a fire burning near Arles, probably caused by personal fireworks set off […]

Stars Don’t Stand Still in the Sky 

On view from September 17 – October 22, 2022 This month Regen Projects celebrates the legacy of Lawrence Weiner, who died just last year, with Stars Don’t Stand Still in the Sky: A Tribute to Lawrence Weiner. The exhibition reiterates his 1968 theses by which he “shifted away from object-centric work.” They read:  1. THE […]